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Group Discussion (GD) - Dos and Donts

Group Discussion (GD) - Dos and DontsStudents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Group Discussion is a practice where exchange of ideas, thoughts, and opinions are debated upon a selected topic.
A typical GD comprises of a small group of candidates.
Each group is then given a topic for discussion.
The topic can be general or specific. Example: Today’s Music or Yesteryear’s music - Which is better?
Keep in Mind that!!!! Take a stand during the discussion. It is not necessary that you conclude by a positive or a negative viewpoint, but to summarize the discussion well and being neutral gives you an edge over others. The candidates are given a time limit for discussing this topic. Each participant has to give his or her views about this topic. After the time limit is over, the best candidate from the group is selected. The same process is followed for other groups.
Tips for Group Discussion:
1.Prepare Content and Be Ready:
If you don't know your content before time, you will have less to contribute and wil…

Usage of English in Daily Routine

Let’s learn routine English.
Everybody wants to learn English and many of us start to learn from Tenses.Yes!! It is correct way to learn English.
First of all, person should start to listen English conversations.

Here I am sharing you link from where you can learn how you can apply present Tense in your routine.
Have a look video and share your views as a form of Comment.
courtesy: You Tube   Have a learning Day!!!