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Getting an interview is a huge achievement- 13 Steps to face interview

Getting an interview is a huge achievement

An invitation to an interview means you're well on your way to get job.
 But selling your skills face to face or on the phone is very different from selling your skills on paper. Here are the main steps to help you think on your feet and prepare for all eventualities. Listen!!....Getting an interview is a huge achievement. However, you’ll be one of many candidates vying for the position. Here you find step-by-step guide for successful interview . 1.Find out what kind of interview you’ll face a.Telephone interviews b.Competence- or competency-based interviews, in which you’ll be asked to match your skills to those needed for the role, eg communication skills, problem solving and teamwork. c.Panel interviews – in which candidates are interviewed by several people such as HR staff and department managers – are also common in some graduate career sectors, such as teaching and public service. 2.Research the employer again a.Look on the organisation’s w…



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