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SEM-VI Students,
First of all, I am very sorry that I am not able to update few blogs.

Here, I am going to share the video of, ‘HISTORY OF INTERNET’, this helps you all to answer easily of Modern Technology. I demonstrated this video in few classes too.
Apart from this, for you competitive exam this will facilitate you.
Interestingly, nowadays Internet has become a part of our life and we are not acquainted history of it.

Link of the video:

Get ready to know, what we are using and what we need to use in our life.


Many of you were participated in this activity. Where you heard this childhood story. If you would like to see you may click and see. Apart from this, you may leave your comment, what you learn from this activity? I appreciate your comment.

Diesel demand drops for first time in a decade: IOC

Indian Oil Corporation Chairman R S Butola said today, “For the first time in more than a decade, diesel demand has declined this fiscal as monthly price hikes and increased power generation clipped consumption, Indian Oil Corporation”

Diesel, which is India's most consumed fuel accounting for close to 45 per cent of the total petroleum product demand, has seen sales growth of 6-8 per cent since 2003-04.

But this year, it has fallen by 0.8 per cent over last year to 39.46 million tons.

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"No longer belongs to us. He belongs to the ages." Obama Said.

The world knowsNelson Mandelaas a man who forever changed the course of modern history and who will surely continue to leave his mark long after his death Thursday at the age of 95.

You may know that he spent 27 years in prison, that he led South Africa out of apartheid and that he served as his nation's first black president.

But did you know about the role of rugby in his legacy? His musings on Valentine's Day? The lessons he taught sympathetic prison guards during his time behind bars?

Here are some details from Mandela's life that you might not have known.

1. Father of the nation

Nelson Mandela's place as South Africa's premier hero is so secure that the central bank released new banknotes in 2012 showing his face.
2. Valentine's Day
In one 1995 note, written in lines of neat handwriting in blue ink, Mandela muses onValentine's day. It appears to be a draft of a letter to a young admirer, in which Mandela said his rural upbringing by illiterate parents left h…