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Diwali, popularly called Deepavali in some parts of India, is a festival which we all long for every year. The preparations for Deepavali start long before the festival date.

My grandmother tells me that the victory of Good over Evil is the reason for this celebration. She also says that the festival is to mark the return of Rama to Ayodhya after his defeat of Ravana.

Lots of people also start new ventures on this day after performing Lakshmi Puja. This is marked by lighting of lamps, candles and diyas by the women folk in the family. The light and colour add to the celebrations.

In all, I can say that Deepavali is the brightest festival to be celebrated in India. The delicious food associated with the feast makes us feel that this festival must come more often in a year.
The first day is called Dhanteras - On this day people buy new utensils or anything in gold or silver.

The second day is Choti Deepawali - On this day diyas are kept at any dark corner of the house to symbolize that no ev…

Sem- V students, Assignments submission dates:

Sem- V - Students,
Assignments submission dates:
Div Date Day Time A 28/10/2013 Monday LEC- N0-3 B 26/10/2013 Saturday LEC-NO-1 C

‘Insurance Correspondence’, (Letter no 4,5 and 6)

Students of SEM-V,
I would like to inform that, I am going to start to teach ‘Insurance Correspondence’, (Letter no 4,5 and 6) in every divisions.You may download from here and bring in the classroom.You may leave your comment. 
4. A company letter stating the maturation of a policy The Manager, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Vasna, Ahmedabad.
Rahul Patel, 8, Arman Flats, Near Dream Garden, Ahmedabad- 380008.
Sub: Intimation of the maturation of policy.
Dear Sir,
We have pleasure to inform you that your policy (Policy No-12345678) will be maturing for the payment on 14th Nov., 2013.We need the following documents to settle your claim to this policy promptly:
1.The discharge form (duly filled in as per the instruction givn at the back of the form) 2.The policy in original 3.Any deeds of assignment affecting your title to the policy. 4.The last premium receipt.
Since the settlement of claim is subject to th…

Learn to write correct letters and be smart writer

Today, I allow students to write letter in the classroom to mend mistakes in examination.
This classroom practice is conceivable because of limited number of students. Every student write letter deprived of the body of the letter. At the last 15 minutes of the lecture, I have checked all their copies.
Here, I post two scan pages.


Learn to write correct letters and be smart writer.