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Hello, Students
Learn and do practice.  
Exams provide you an opportunity to use your abilities with all of your powers,  so you need not to lose heart but struggle hard and tell the world that you can do anything.
My best wishes for your success in examinations will follow you. So, believe in yourself and go ahead. Your destination is waiting for you.
Be courageous and Be sure that you will Score good marks and consider it as your aim.

Wish you All the best.

Insurance Correspondence Letter


As I am going to start to teach you "Insurance Correspondence".
I have informed you in the class that for this exam we are going to study three letters out of six.
Here, I am sending you three letters which you can refer for your exam.

                                                         Opening of a policy
Rahul Patel, 8, Arman Flats, Near Dream Garden, Ahmedabad- 380008. Mob…………………
The Manager, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Vasna, Ahmedabad.
Sub: Asking information about opening of policy
Dear Sir,
I am glad to inform you that I am interested in your policies. I am a businessman running my own business in the city. I am married and five dependents. I am the only earning member of the family.
I request you to send me a pamphlet about various policies. Therefore, I can decide the policy which suits to cover the risk of my life. I can afford to pay Rs. 3000 as the monthly premium.
I shall appreciate an early reply.
Yours faithfully,
Rahul Patel


At present, I am teaching ‘Office correspondence’, where they need to study the following correspondences 1. Memo 2. Order 3. Notice and, 4. Circular.
Out of all, today, I taught, ‘How to draft Memo?’
The basic function of a memo is to solve a specific problem by making the reader aware of specific information.
A memo can be written to persuade others to take action or give specific feedback on a particular matter.
When written properly, memos can be very effective in connecting the concern or issue of the writer with the best interests of the reader.
Students, read the objectives questions of Office Correspondence.

How to Improve In English Well/How to Learn English Well

How to Improve In English Well/How to Learn English Well

(a)    What is the necessity of learning English?  (b)    What are the basic skills of English?  (c)     How can one develop the basic skills? 

English is an international language. Nobody can succeed in life without knowing English well. Now, it is the demand of time to know English well. The necessity of learning English can not be described in words. To get a good job, English is must. Besides, to run business with any country, English is the only language of communication. However, for all these reasons, we must learn English well. To learn English well means to develop some basic skills of English language such as by reading, writing, listening and speaking. To develop these skills we have to learn vocabulary, basic rules of grammar and sentence patterns. We know that practice makes a man perfect. To develop these skills, practice is essential. To develop reading skill, we need to make the habit of reading English books and new…

SEM- 5 Project submission Date

I am very happy to say that many of you have started to do project and some of you have tried to best their project. I appreciate your effort to make your project better.  Apart from this many of you come to know how to use blog and comment on it.
I will welcome your suggestion to make it (blog) more informative.
Now, it is a time to submit your project.

SUBMISSION DATE & DAY:12thSeptember, 2013.- Thursday. Note: 1.You need to submit project in hardcopy as well as soft copy. 2.You may send email on--- between 10/09/2013 to 12/09/203 3.I will collect your hardcopy only on 12/09/2013- Thursday.
Respective class councilor will collect the project and submit to me at the end of lecture.