TED- EDUCATION- What happens when you have a concussion? - Clifford Robbins


I saw your comments regarding TED- Education activity and I am very happy that you like to study new approaches. Here, I am sharing one more lesson which is related to 'What happens when you have a concussion?'

Watch, Enjoy and comment here.

Now , I hope that you are familiar with steps.

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TED- EDUCATION- Solving Big Problems Bill Gates English Sub

Dear Students!
I hope you all are enjoying and learning with various new technological tools. Today, I feel very happy to share that in my previous class with, division - B, you all were involve to listen the video clip title- Solving Big Problems by Bill Gates. In class you all reviewed the video and later part of class I asked you some questions where few students responded me. Here, I am sending you a link where you are required to click the link
1. on option - THINK-  3.First it will ask you your name  4.Afterwards, you are required to answer the question one by one and submit.  5. Comment on blog once you complete the task 

Note: If you find any problem we will discuss in our regular class 

Modern Technology

My Dear Students,
After a long time, I have started blogging again.  
Here, I am going to share advantages of using ‘Modern Technology’ in your life. As it is an important topic of your syllabus. Besides, from tomorrow I am going to start this topic in your class. I expect that before you come to class read it once.
Nowadays, with the rapid advancement of technology, people have unlimited access to various information and exchange database freely these days. Advance development of modern technology has allowed people to gain access to so many websites, database, and information hub and to exchange them. Despite of some treats, the easy access to information system has brought countless benefits to the humankind. With the easy access to information system, it also helps you to learn new things. In the past, you only got information through books, but these days they can learn from screens.
Now it’s your turn!
Mention ONE advantage of modern technology w…

Project and Assignment submission dates- SEM- V

Sem- V Students,

Here, I am uploading your Project and Assignment submission dates.
Your project and assignment will not accept after the submission date.


Dear Students,
As you all have topic to prepare questionnaire. You are required to prepare your project with keeping in my mind following things This project work is assigned in groups of five students only. Each member of the group has to participate actively. The group is supposed to prepare project under the title of ‘Questionnaire’ which has been allotted by the respective faculty. All the groups have to submit the hard-copy of the project to the concerning faculty and soft copy via e-mail on the date of submission. The more details regarding project subtitles and submission dates are uploaded on blog Apart from this, your project content should like this.
Leave your query as a form of comment … No Content Page No 1. Definition of Questionnaire Write minimum two definitions
2. Purpose to draft Questionnaire (minimum 5 & maximum 10)

On Doing Nothing- by J.B.Priestley

On Doing Nothing” On Doing Nothing” is an essay by J.B.Priestley debating over the idea of work and relaxation. He talks of the idea of unwinding oneself and the benefits we would enjoy from doing nothing. He, thus, stresses on the idea of doing nothing and spending time in leisurely activities which is as necessary and beneficial to human life as work. The life of man is fraught with work and all of us are involved in that rat race directly or indirectly. Such a life is necessary and can also make us prosperous. But it isn’t the be all and the end all of all matters. There, thus exists a world outside work-the world of leisurely activities and past times. We are all to spend sometimes consciously in such matters. Nature is beautiful and it, not only soothes the mind, but also a teacher and a nourisher. Nature only regains our mental health and achieves a position where we can work better and more efficiently.             However, the irony is that not many people realize this value. Th…